Your Big Face


Your Big Face is an interactive projection installation. Using a live camera feed, participants' faces are projected onto the canvas of a giant polygonal 3D face. This combination of the organic and polygon raises questions about the digital representation of self, modern attention spans, and the narcissistic and voyeuristic qualities of modern culture. It is also just really fun.

Technical Details:
Your Big Face is made of coroplast, aka plastic cardboard. This durable, waterproof material is also easily machinable. Cut using either a laser cutter or a CNC router, large panels are folded and fastened together. 

You can make your own! Check out and download our Thingiverse files

Your Big Face - Illuminus 2014 is made especially possible by the designs of Kongorilla, and the Open Source community.


Your Big Face - Illuminus Boston 2014 Sponsors :


Illuminus Boston 2014
540 Harrison Ave 
Boston, MA  02118, United States

Dan Sternof Beyer
Bevan Weissman

Greg MacGlashing
Kawandeep Virdee
Brandon Stafford


In the news :
The ArtsFuse
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Creative Commons :
Kongorilla for his Low Poly Mask files

Special Thanks :
Jeff Grantz
Mark Neuberger
Illuminus Boston
Matt Griffin
The Hacktory
NextFab Studio
Artisan's Asylum

Photos & Documentation :
Leonora Bittleston
Kim Maroon
Danny Baxter

Scientific Advisors :
James Crall - Harvard 
Leonora Bittleston - Harvard
Rebecca Smith - MIT