Ourself is a site-specific, responsive artwork that shares the positive inner voices of Camden. By entering the work the public activates audio clips of personal interviews with local residents from all walks of life, around the theme of motivation and ambition. The infinite mirrored space symbolizes the many voices of the community that define our story and ourselves. 

Ourself is produced by Cooper’s Ferry Partnership and New American Public Art, in partnership with NextFab, the City of Camden, Connect the Lots, and Get Healthy Camden. The work is generously funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Kresge Foundation, and the Campbell’s Soup Foundation

Technical Summary
The shape of Ourself is a stylistic decision inline with NAPA’s ongoing fascination and exploration of uncommon geometries in a built environment dominated by right angles. The public facing materials of Ourself were chosen to reflect honesty in industrial practice. Wood was chosen for its warmth and emotional accessibility. The factory finish of the steel elements has been retained under a protective clear coat. This gives the facade a ’truth in materials’ aesthetic, approachable and visually understandable by the common citizen. The internal materials utilize modern CNC fabrication practices, industry-standard electrical enclosures and connections, open source hardware and software, data collection, and multiple custom sensor setups.

Ourself was created by New American Public Art with sound design by Colin Lourie.

Open Source
Find the Ourself code on our github

Ourself in the news
Broad Street Review : Art Installation Captures the Voices of a Resilient City

Honorable Mentions - Materials / Products
Aluminum Extrusion with Frosted Diffuser Outdoor Inground - Ecolocityled
200kg Load Cell - Spark Fun

Press Package
Download PressPackage_Ourself.zip - 29mb




Locations :

Roosevelt Plaza Park
Market St & N 5th St, CamdenNJ 08102

The Salvation Army Kroc Center
1865 Harrison Ave, Camden, NJ 08105

Created by :
Greg MacGlashing
Brandon Stafford
Bevan Weissman
Dan Sternof Beyer
Colin Lourie, sound designer
Nick Auman
Becca smith

Special Thanks :
Artisans Asylum