Mimic is a minimal interactive light painting which was shown at MIT’s Graduate Arts Soiree.

Responding and building from 1960's - 1970's minimalism, especially the work of Yves Klien, Frank Stella and Anges Martin, Mimic  transforms traditional minimalism aesthetic with the intervention of contemporary interaction methodology. 

The audience of Mimic are participatory in it's manifestation of color plattet. The plattet of colors that an observer wears becomes the plattet of Mimic. Thus, the relation of minimalism to the audience is brought into focus, and the audience, now author and judge, is responsible for both appreciation and creation. 

Not "technically" being MIT students or faculty, yet desiring the inclusion into an an elite ivory tower art show, we concluded that an element of this work must be performative. Not being formally questioned before or after has led us to the conclusion that the work was a success. However, the thought of being kicked out of an exclusive MIT  art show for showing an unauthorized interactive minimalist piece and posing as faculty, was not entirely unacceptable.

Mimic is a collaboration with Adam Ribaudo.