Public Radio



Radio, one of the most important inventions for mass communication, gave us the ability to be collectively connected to another human’s voice. By the mid 1900’s millions of people listened to this medium as a fixture in their homes.

Available components and simple designs made receivers abundant, growing the network of ears which shared the common experience of a broadcast. The iconic image of a family gathered around the listening box is ingrained in our collective memory. The modern era introduced homogenized programming, where syndicated shows and hit songs echoed around the country on corporate stations, but eventually the popularity of radio declined amidst a growing landscape of other media and technology.

While today’s streaming options are copious, these audio experiences are mostly solitary —  a broadcast for one at the time of our choosing. This Public Radio is meant to reinvigorate the shared experience of listening, offering a public amenity, at public scale, to play whatever happens to be on the airwaves. If you don’t like it, change the station.

Check out the github of this project to learn about and download the awesome code written by Andrew Ringler.

Or download the Fusion360 full assembly and see how we made the radio.


Public Radio
New American Public Art
Boston MA