Telephone in the Park


Telephone in the Park is a simple interactive investigation of mimetic information. A micro-phone recording device follows the analogue telephone message, recording the adaptation and evolution of the message. Beginning quotes taken from Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Noam Chomsky, and limericks. Investigation using purely sonic and melodic information, as well as physical abstraction patterns, yielded similar results. 

Research Questions

Why does the final person show a dramatic increase in information fluctuation? Could this be related to the task of presenting the final information to the group? Does this relate to personal obligation to a group versus a single person? 

How does informations fluctuation potential relate to its simplicity and/or commonality? 

In a world of sharing information digitally, what is lost and/or gained by relative perfect replications of shared information? 


Special Thanks

Noam Chomsky quotes
All the amazing people who attended.