Between a Mirror and a Memory


Between a Mirror and a Memory
New American Public Art in collaboration with Edward Loveall

Shown at Simulate Permeate, Rowan University 2015

Between a Mirror and a Memory challenges our abilities of self-recognition and our assumptions of the present moment. Viewers encounter a monitor featuring a live video feed with a temporal delay. The delay is timed to create a cognitive disconnection, yet remain intimately familiar. The viewer is faced with an image of themselves from the near past, but just beyond immediate memory. They react to their reaction, which they will in turn perceive again. The experience exists in the slippery space between past and present moments, recognition and unbelief, and between the self and the other.

New American Public Art is a multi-disciplinary studio for conceptualizing, designing, fabricating, and installing interactive projects.
Edward Loveall is an electronic musician, producer, sound designer, software designer and web programmer. Never satisfied with the present, he is constantly exploring new techniques and processes of creating art while sticking to the simplistic nature of solid colors and pure tones.