Color Commons 2013


Color Commons is an interactive public art work where the public can change the color of the Boston Greenway Light Blades by sending text messages to them. Write any color you can think of and send it to the Light Blades number and instantly all the Light Blades will change to your chosen color.

As a part of this project the Rascal microcontroller hardware and method are left behind for future artists to use and develop with. It is our hope that the Light Blades will become a platform for expression for many years to come.

More about the technology behind this project can be found on our blog here

And an in-depth discussion about the Rascal microcontroller that does the heavy lifting can be found here




Greenway Light Blades, Rascal microcontroller, Twilio, ColorKinetics
Rose Kennedy Greenway, 2013 
Boston, MA 

Dan Sternof Beyer, Brandon Stafford

Special Thanks : 
Rose Kennedy Greenway
Rascal Micro