Universal Set


The ancient greeks believed the dodecahedron to represent the entire universe; the "universal set" of all possibilities. Our abilities of expression and collaboration are limitless in their content, yet bound by the physical laws of the universe. The Venn-diagrammed moments of overlap are thus more potent and interesting in their rarity and combination.

Physical description and interactive assumptions:
The dodecahedron is made of whiteboards. Whiteboard markers are tethered to vertices by steel cable. The areas where each marker can reach overlap each other slightly. It was assumed that participants would investigate the bounds of their canvas, and in the place where two colors overlap, create two-color pictures or words. However, the majority of the participants did not investigate these limits or opportunities. 

A critical discussion of this work and creative agency in participatory art can be found HERE.


Universal Set
New American Public Art
Lawn on D, Boston MA

Special Thanks

Now and There - Kate Gilbert, Curator
Lawn on D
BEAN Festival

Artisans Asylum
and everyone who left their mark