Chalk Shadows


Chalk Shadows is a participatory installation that accentuates the built environment at night. By participating in this installation a individual begins to notice serval qualities and phenomena. [ 1 ] The shadows cast by street lights are exactly the same every single night, except of course if the object is a plant. [ 2 ] Distance of the object to the pavement determines the shadows edge diffusion and thus the effectiveness of the optical juxipostion of light and dark. [ 3 ] The texture of the pavement is of enormous importance to the quality of the outline and the stroke of the chalk. 

After outlining a few shadows, participants become connoisseurs of the night landscape, keenly noticing the crisp shadows that are cast on smooth pavement canvases. Over the course of a night, techniques and choice of shadows begin to diverge and evolve in larger groups, eventually separating into different styles all together.


Preferable in summer months.