Blue Hour - Light City Baltimore


Blue Hour is a responsive installation that changes due to activity around it, commissioned for Light City Baltimore 2016. High activity produces gradients of blue to red light. Low activity reveals a ‘shy robot’ personality which blinks in morse code about its interaction history. These states can be activated by the motion of walking around the installation, or by patiently sitting still.

The work is named after the blue hour of the morning and evening, when the sun is below the horizon, the indirect light is blue, and first/last reds and yellows of the sun are visible. This installation explores ideas of transitions in motion, time, and place. How does the personality of a place change with activity, and how does that change how one feels about it? How does this inform the use of the place?

Technical Summary
The large white cubes of Blue Hour are IBC totes (intermediate bulk containers). IBC totes are widely used as an industry standard for shipping liquids of all kinds. We employ a wireless DMX lighting assembly to activate the totes as lighting elements. These DMX lights are driven by an Arduino Teensy on a custom PCB (the Rocket), reading four PIR motion sensors pointed at the surrounding environment.

Open Source
Find the Blue Hour code on our github

Honorable Mentions - Materials / Products
ColorKey MicroPar TRI 6 RGB 6x3w LED Wash Light
Donner 2.4G DMX512 Wireless Transmitter
Switchcraft EN3C3MX
Tenshon Shade Cloths


DMX Lighting sponsored by :


The initial installation of Blue Hour in Camden NJ was a collaboration between New American Public Art and

Blue Hour is inspired by the ‘kubik’ idea, by Balestra Berlin


Light City Baltimore 2016

Constellation Pier
301 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Dan Sternof Beyer
Greg MacGlashing
Brandon Stafford
Bevan Weissman

Special Thanks :
Happy Workhorse
Artisan's Asylum
Light City Baltimore

Past Exhibitions of Blue Hour

Blue Hour - Camden