Blue Hour


Blue Hour is an interactive lighting installation composed of ten light towers that respond to the motion of people around them. The work is named after the blue hour of the morning and evening, when the sun is below the horizon, the indirect light is blue, and first/last reds and yellows of the sun are visible. 

Participant Experience:
You are walking one night through Roosevelt Plaza Park.  As you stroll you see an ethereal blue glow. Curious, you investigate, and find giant cubes of soothing blue light. Upon approaching one of these towers it slowly turns purple, and then orange, like a rising sun. You realize that your motion causes the chromatic change. Other curious passersby have joined you, enticed by the color activation. As they pick up on the secret, an evening stroll has turned into a night of wonder and merriment: strangers darting and dancing through a forest of lights, the entire landscape glowing with activity.

Technical Details:
RGB LED light strips are installed in IBC totes, which are standard bulk containers that happen to make excellent light diffusers. Motion sensors make the lights respond to participant motion, fading the lights from one color to another. Participants can move throughout the towers, exploring how subtle motion affects a brilliant display of lights.

Blue Hour is a collaboration between Group Melvin Design, Sikora Wells Appel, New American Public Art, and is made possible by the Cooper's Ferry Partnership 



Roosevelt Plaza Park 
520 Market Street (Federal Street & 5th Street) 
Camden, NJ 08103, United States

Dan Sternof Beyer, Bevan Weissman, 
Greg MacGlashing, Brandon Stafford

Special Thanks :

Coopers Ferry Partnership
Group Melvin Design
Sikora Wells Appel
City of Camden DPW
Camden Special Services District
The Hackory
NextFab Studio
Artisans Asylum
Georgia Guthrie
Nick Auman
Julia Cummings
Maximillian Lawrence
Jacob Rivkin
Megan Ault