Our logo is a single pyramid of the small stellated dodecahedron.

As you may already know, NAPA has a slight obsession with the dodacehedron and what it symbolizes.  For many years now, our works have included or been based from the dodecahedron in one way or another, and our logo is no different.

Q : Why did you get rid of the big 'A'?
A : Although we love (and are often surprised by) an A rating on a New York restaurant, that's not the look we are going for. We also wanted something that was tangible, something that could even sit on your desk. 

Q : What is the significance of the small stellated dodecahedron?
A : You could argue that stellation is the mathematical equivalent of a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license; extending and expanding the base geometry with an intrinsic reference back to it. Allowing you to build upon the material for your own purpose. 

Q : Why not just use a dodecahedron as a logo?
A : Our creative director started ranting about "apocryphal assignments of elemental geometries" and "building new societal myths" so we just backed away nodding. Not to mention the Y-Fronts catastrophe of 2013.


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